3.4 Analysing of a text – Reading Part 5

“Typically, when you read, you have more time to think. Reading gives you a unique pause button for comprehension and insight.”

Maryanne Wolf

This lesson is about reading an article and then looking at multiple-choice questions where answers are provided.

Decide why these answers are wrong or correct and then do a matching exercise to identify the correct (for the wrong answers) or the wrong (for the correct answers) answer for each question.

Read the article “Analysing Texts” below. Before starting with the exercises think about the questions in “Questions”

Write the answers to the Questions down in your exercise book and compare them with the answers in “Questions – Answers” below

Exercise 1.

Read the bullet points below:

  • Read the article “Analysing Texts” (above) again
  • Look at each question 1 – 6 and the two options, A and B in “Reading 5 – Exercise 1” below
  • Why is each option wrong?

Write your answers in your exercise book and compare them with the answers below:

Exercise 2.

Read the bullet points below:

Choose the right answer to each question from the list in the box.

  • For questions 1 – 6 in the quiz, write down the part of the text that gives each answer in your exercise book. Find the parts in Business English Space. (Scroll down to Reading 5 – Exercise 2 – Answers)
  • Do questions 1 – 6 in quiz 1.

Exercise 3.

Read the article in Business English Space (scroll down to Reading 5 – Exercise 3) about an insurance company.

The answers that are given are all correct (See “Reading 5 – Exercise 3” below). Download the file and write 2 possible wrong answers to each question/statement.

Upload your answers in the Assignments section below.

Answer questions 7 – 12 in Quiz 2.

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