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Matching Paraphrases 3

Matching Paraphrases 3

Read the advice of two more market analysts about the future of a company called Dexter in Materials above and continue with the exercise and and choose whether the advice is from analyst C or analyst D.

C – James Sunderland

Dexter’s entrepreneurship, which has helped it get a share of a market previously dominated by two players, will be the key to further growth. The American market is particularly challenging, but a possible strategy is to target distributors to American retailers or a British-based subsidiary of an American parent. Another approach may be to form alliances with like-minded cult fashion or sports outlets and attract a slice of the US market open to trying new products.

D Melanie Leconte

Dexter intends to increase its market share, and one way of doing this is to introduce new products, perhaps aimed at women, into its existing range. However, its managers must be aware that the women’s grooming market is crowded, and that to extend here they must remain loyal to the values of their existing range while still proving attractive to the new sector. They need to take a hard look at how to generate demand; so far it’s worked well through word of mouth but the average American buyer expects a huge advertising campaign.