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3.1 Recognising paraphrases.



Exercise 1.

Open or download the PDF “Reading – 1” below.

Read the texts in the boxes and decide if the sentences in the quiz are right or wrong. Do questions 1 to 5 in quiz 1 by choosing true or false.

Exercise 2.

Read the texts again and do quiz 2. Decide if the sentences in each pair mean the same or not. Choose “True” if they mean the same, and “False” if they don’t.

Exercise 3.

Look at the questions in quiz 3. For each question, choose the correct sentence. Choose one of the three sentences A, B or C.

Reasons for the answers can be found on the Business English Space page.


Exercise 1 & 2

Download Reading 2 below and complete Exercises 1 & 2.

Check your answers on the Business English Space page under “Reading 2 – Paraphrases”